Inner Harbor Wellness creates Inner Corps Wellness for Veterans in Baltimore City

Studies confirm that creative and alternative therapies in veteran care can  build resilience, enhance patient coping, decrease the need for pain medication, reduce levels of depression and provide tools for self-care.

Inner Corps Wellness (ICW) is a pilot program that assists recovering homeless veterans in developing mind-body skills and coping mechanisms that support their inner sense of health and wholeness. Inner Corps Wellness employs a variety of alternative healing modalities such as Mind-Body Skills Groups, Yoga, Art, Drama, Journaling, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Music Therapy to stimulate self-healing from past trauma and loss and to develop moment to moment awareness of present responses, choices, and beliefs.  The pivotal goal of Inner Corps Wellness is to provide experiences for veterans to learn, practice, and acquire mindfulness tools that facilitate an inner sense of wholeness while diminishing symptoms of depression, pain, fear, and confusion.


The host organization for Inner Corps Wellness is the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training in Baltimore City. MCVET is designed to provide housing to homeless veterans in recovery with comprehensive services that enable them to rejoin their communities as productive citizens. . ICW aims to exist as a complimentary and integrative program along with more conventional recovery treatments. In particular, ICW classes complement the 12 step recovery model that is the basis for healing at MCVET.

Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Program

In the Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding program, veterans learn about care and grooming for horses, horse psychology and behavior, and how to guide their horse through obstacles. Some of the Mcvet students are graduating to participate in the Horses Helping MD Military Day Parade at the MD State Fair on August 31, 2018.

Mindfulness in Veterans Court

In 2015 Baltimore City District Court launched the first District Court Veterans Treatment Docket. Veterans Court focuses on the special needs of veterans who are involved in the justice system. Inner Harbor Wellness brings mindfulness practice to each Veterans Court session.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with our Inner Corps Wellness program.

Programs for Veterans

“I just want to have an easier life and a calmer day. If mindfulness will help me in that, well, then that’s what I’ll do.”


- Vietnam Veteran, Age 67

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