Inner Harbor Wellness – Nurturing personal and community wellbeing.


Each of us carries a core within, an “inner harbor”, of refuge and restoration - our source for creativity and expression, a place for reflection and natural wisdom. Inner Harbor Wellness provides opportunities for people of all ages to journey inward to that place of refuge with mindfulness, creativity, and community engagement.

Through holistic experiences in mindfulness, art, and sharing, Inner Harbor Wellness fosters:

  • greater awareness and appreciation of life in all its forms

  • skillful and enriching navigation of choices, stresses, and joys of everyday life

  • empowerment of ongoing self-care

In the midst of the stresses and demands of our daily lives, Inner Harbor Wellness imparts practices for synchronizing body, mind, and spirit into a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. In embracing and nurturing our birthright of wholeness, we connect with others in our families and community with kinship, empathy, and kindness.


We offer mindfulness classes and programs as well as expressive and contemplative arts for adults. Look for upcoming opportunities to engage with these and other community and interfaith projects.


Veterans often bring home a litany of challenges and then face many more when they finish their service. PTSD, difficulties with re-integration, addiction, chronic physical pain, hyper vigilance, and feelings of depression and alienation become constant and debilitating. IHW is developing Inner Corps Wellness and Mindfulness programs for our veterans.


Prism combines mindfulness for children with art, yoga, movement, music and drama – it is all about nurturing awareness, kindness, creativity and community for children ages 6-12.

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